Reiki, Personal Fitness Training, Yoga, Zumba, Life Coaching, NLP, Psych-K, Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness, naturally wellbeing in the French Riviera

Holistic wellbeing in Grasse St Jacques, near Cannes, Mougins and Nice, with The Mind Body and Soul Coach Kathy Yvanovich.

Fun, good food, and Deep Transformational Healing!

Hello and Welcome!  

Yours hosts Robert and Kathy offer holistic Wellbeing Retreats and 1-to-1 appointments at our beautiful ancient stone mas (farmhouse) on the hills above Cannes, close to Grasse, the perfume capital of the world.  

Mind, body and soul... I invite you to make life-enhancing, even massive changes to your thinking, career, health and relationships, maybe drop some habits and install better ones, conquer fears, enjoy a healthier mindset and fitter body, overcome troubling issues, release spirit attachments, brainstorm ideas and make realistic plans.  

Experience NLP, Psych-K (habit, attitude and belief change techniques), Life Coaching, Personal Fitness, Yoga; Zumba dance by the pool; guided Meditation and Reiki...  you'll feel balanced, grounded, connected to universal consciousness and source energy, and feel deep inner peace.  

I also offer 2-day Reiki attunement Courses.

Make an appointment, or stay with us for a day or a few days!

For over 30 years I've enjoyed helping people realise their health, wellbeing, relationship and lifestyle dreams, helping people speak and live their authentic truth and life purpose, using multiple life-changing techniques to diminish aches and pains (mind, body and soul) and make some dearest wishes come true.

Your co-host is my dear partner, restaurateur and great chef Robert, who until recently owned French restaurants and a patisserie in London for over two decades, and is delighted to welcome guests chez nous, our ancient mas dating back to 1730's, on the Grasse St Jacques hillside in the stunningly beautiful and famous French Riviera. We also keep chickens for fresh eggs.

However you choose to spend your time here, just relax, enjoy your stay and make profound and lasting changes - maybe quicker than you thought possible.  Emerge feeling more empowered, authentic, connected, in your flow.

If you're not familiar with Reiki, you can just try it, or choose from NLP,  Psych-K, Life Coaching, Personal Fitness sessions or Yoga... there's plenty on offer for your mind body and soul.  

It's time for deep, meaningful change that will last you beyond your holiday and enhance your whole life.  

And time for having fun!

Reiki means universal life force energy and is a high vibrational force that comes to you direct from Source.  Benefits are unlimited, as is source energy.  Feel deep peace, calm, strength, love for self and all living things; rejuvenated, in balance and harmony at all levels of your existence, seen and unseen, presently and across time. Read more on the Reiki page, or become attuned and learn Reiki on this page: Learn Reiki.

We offer comfortable accommodation and nutritious food, relaxed luxury, saltwater pool and jacuzzi, table-tennis, and petanque on rough ground.  Visit the famous French Riviera, the charming Cote d'Azur, with us and  treat yourself and your loved ones.  

Your Soul speaks through your health.   Our bodies respond to all thoughts, beliefs and emotions that pass through it.

See if you would like to visit me in south London.  It's a pleasure to share a smile and enhance your wellness in mind body and soul. 

Kathy x

Enjoy your time and relax in Grasse St Jacques on the French Riviera, at our ancient stone Mas (farmhouse), dating from 1736.

" An ideal place

to share and make memories.  Kathy and Robert are true gems.  

This hideaway should be added to everyone's "bucket list".  

Thank you both for giving back some love."     

Justine, 2018

" After our sessions  

I not only managed to fly to New York but flew twice more this year.  It may never be my favourite thing but I can do it!  

I also kicked the chocolate habit and lost a stone.  

Thanks for your help.    Very best wishes, Richard.  "    2019.