Reiki, NLP, Psych-K, Life Coaching, Personal Fitness, Meditation, Mindfulness and Wellbeing in Grasse StJacques, French Riviera

Holistic wellbeing in Grasse St Jacques 10km from Cannes, with Kathy The Mind Body and Soul Coach

Hello, I'm Kathy and for over 30 years I've enjoyed helping people realise their health, wellbeing, relationship and lifestyle dreams. I am a Reiki Master and Teacher, and Personal Fitness Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Psych-K(r) Practitioner, Life Coach, and Zumba Gold Instructor. My partner, restaurateur Robert, and I welcome you to Grasse St Jacques, on the French Riviera.

Reiki means universal life force energy, a high vibrational force that comes to you direct from Source.  I offer treatments, and initiation courses so that you can have the benefits of its self-healing powers for life, evoking feelings of peace, calm, inner strength, love for self and all living things; rejuvenating, it works at cellular levels and all levels of your being, seen and unseen; it is for all humankind.  Or choose to improve your health, ditch a bad habit, get over an issue, or enhance life dreams.  Give yourself a life detox!

We also offer accommodation at our luxurious ancient French farmhouse, or "mas".  Combine your treatment, course or wellbeing retreat with nutritious food and some or all of the above, as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone you know.

Your Soul speaks through your health.   Our bodies respond to all thoughts, beliefs and emotions that pass through it.

See if you would like to visit me in London, or see the other therapies page if you are interested in other wellbeing therapies for your mind and body.   It's a pleasure looking after you, mind body and soul.

Enjoy Reiki in Grasse StJacques on the French Riviera, at our ancient stone Mas (farmhouse), dating from 1736.

An ideal place to share and make memories.  Kathy and Robert are true gems.  This hideaway should be added to everyone's "bucket list".  Thank you both for giving back some love."     Justine, 2018