Outdoors or in the conservatory if it's raining or too hot/cold... sit back or lie down and relax deeply with a guided meditation, gentle mindful meditative movement, yogic breathing, and nutritious juices or tisanes made or grown by us.  

Afterwards, enjoy a refreshing swim in our saltwater pool if you wish.  Minimum age 12 years (children must be accompanied by an adult carer).  

These guided meditations include Reiki Holy Fire Experiences and are profoundly powerful as well as grounding, balancing and connect you directly with divine energies.  You'll connect to Source and absorb as much high vibrational energies as your higher self deems you can handle at this time  -  divine love is after all limitless, and so is our potential to absorb and use it.  

Using breath and mindful movement, candles, incense, essential oils, natural sounds and music to richly heighten your senses and deepen your experience.  You might receive insights, guidance, visions, positive angelic awareness and energies or sensations never before felt.  Because it is divinely guided, these guided meditations always work for your highest good. 

On the day, tell me what you'd like to focus on, whether you'd like to heal a specific issue, find solace and inner peace and love, create a wished-for dream, or simply feel fantastic in your own skin, with your own life, now.

Emerge feeling wonderful!

By Appointment only please  -  contact me to book your place, stating your preferred dates.  Attend as many as you wish at your pleasure and to deepen your spirituality and wellbeing, mind, body and soul.  If you wish to make a private appointment, see NLP page.

If you wish to have a healthy LUNCH, please inform us in advance stating any dietary considerations. 20-25 Euros, 2 courses.

Thursday 8 August 2019, 9am-11am

Monday 12 August, 9am-11am

Thursday 15 August, 9am-11am