NOTE:  Fresh fruit smoothies/teas are included.

Daily 1 hour individual treatments/sessions are included in the total price at our Wellbeing Retreats.

We welcome small groups of friends, up to 10 guests, for Meditation with Reiki sessions.

See the Wellbeing Retreats page if you'd like to book accommodation.

Good mentors, advisers, close family and friends are all valuable in your life. Though sometimes we all need extra help, empathy without judgement, a professional to help us deal with our stuff!

I would like to say thank-you for helping me realise what is important to me, and help me move forward leaving my past behind."   Jane, Civil Servant.  (NLP, Life Coaching, Reiki)

A client wanted to reduce her 3 cups of coffee a day to 1 or none.  After a short NLP treatment, she reduced to 3 coffees a week or less.   "Had one coffee since Friday!"

When you want to improve any area of yourself and your life, remember that we, like nature, all work better together.  We are connected.  

Aloha - I recognise the presence of divine breath in you.  

Namaste - the divinity in me recognizes and honours the divinity in you. 

Mitakuye Oaysin - all are related..

What NLP neurolinguistic programming, and Psych-K(r) can do for you:

  • Stretch your imagination
  • speak with clarity and confidence; public speaking
  • make goals and plans and see them through
  • attract what's good for you
  • diminish fear, anger, guilt, sadness
  • fix issues re. debt, spending, abundance 
  • Improve self-image and self-esteem
  • control habits
  • get over stuff, neutralise fears
  • understand yourself and others better
  • be more positive and happy
  • improve/find relationships, attract romance/love
  • be more confident, assertive and motivated
  • turn treasured dreams into reality

Book 2 appointments or more to clear deep unresolved issues and plan new ways ahead. 

What regular Life Coaching (in person or by phone) can do for you:

  • turn "trying" to succeeding
  • come to terms with personal problems
  • work/career challenges
  • sort out, plan, organise
  • face health and fitness issues
  • shift from stuck, boredom, overwhelm, stress
  • set or find goals
  • increase inner confidence and motivation
  • learn to control habits and establish better ones
  • live out your best dreams for your highest good
  • achieve life-long ambitions
  • honour your Vocations
  • value, define and honour your life purpose

Life Coaching is forward-focussed; as subconscious blocks may reveal themselves, we will deal with them as they arise.  Life Coaching is regular, often frequent, to keep you on track with your desires and plans. Book monthly or more.

How does NLP and Psych-K(r) work?

Your subconscious beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve.  As you change what you believe at your subconscious levels, your life then changes, too.  Sometimes life goes through a difficult patch; sometimes we're reminded of stuff we thought was sorted but feel those bad feelings all over again.  Sometimes we "just can't help it" and carry on suffering.  Why not do things differently this time?  

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and PSYCH-K(r)  (psychology and kinesiology) rewrite the software of the subconscious mind, with the approval of your Higher Self, to transform your life.  Before you know it, you believe and embody your goals and desires, and feel lighter, clearer and empowered to take positive action.

Every part of nature is connected to every other part of nature, including human beings.


Personal Fitness, Group Exercise, Dietary Advice 

I specialise in exercise to suit individual preferences and needs, your unique lifestyle and body composition, your motivations (what you want and why); fat loss; returning to exercise after a break; men and women 40+ and beyond; and for when you want to look your best for an upcoming premier event (book me every day!).  Most clients want to lose excess body-fat; typically dropping a size in as little as a week with adequate exercise, proper hydration, rest and sleep, stress management, dietary adaptations, re-evaluating what it's worth and making it a priority. Being stronger, supple with improved balanced, does impact positively on your future as well as your present day-to-day, and even relationships.

Of course you'll need effort and determination.  I'll remind you of your "why" and motivate you every step of the way so you're changing your thinking and believe in your success. I'll help you subconsciously install drive, determination, faith and confidence to succeed in your fitness and health goals. 

Even if you know a lot about exercising your body and have the vast plethora of choice on the internet, it can still be hard to do it on your own;  sometimes we need in-person professional, optimistic support and guidance.  

I also teach group exercise classes and Zumba Gold low impact dance fitness in London, and by arrangement in France, and at our Wellbeing Retreats by the pool! 

You could suddenly find yourself eating only when you're hungry, drinking alcohol in moderation, having enough portions of fresh fruit and veg, essential fats and protein a day, staying hydrated, avoiding things that cause you harm and disease, and having what does you good straight away and for a healthier future.

Even if you know a lot of these guidelines, it can be hard to do it on your own!  Sometimes we need professional, optimistic support, motivation and guidance.  

The Mind Body and Soul Coach website:

I have been a FitPro member since 1991; achieved Advanced Instructor Level 3 for REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals); and am a member of CIMSPA, UK.

Bring a friend, relax in the garden meanwhile with a nutritious, refreshing drink. 

Meditation sessions can be alone or with friends.

Reiki for Babies is Free (about 5 minutes); children under 6 years, 20 minutes, 10 euros.

Please arrive as punctually as possible for your appointments.

At other locations:

I might be able to visit you by arrangement, add 50 euros or more, depending on location!    

Thinking about reiki at the workplace to boost productivity or promote calm? Just 10-15' reiki seated at a desk or even standing works wonders for executives, the workforce and support staff.  Ask me about corporate rates for your company - from 250 euros for a half day (3-4 hours).

More details of the above services on

See the Wellbeing Retreats page if you'd like to spend a few days at our beautiful Grasse St Jacques mas.