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  • reiki can encourage relaxation and bring balance to your mind and emotions
  • reiki can help with weight management
  • reiki can improve skin conditions
  • reiki can make you sleep deeper
  • reiki can give you a clear head
  • reiki can be used on events and places as well as people and pets
  • reiki can put you back in touch with your soul or life purpose
  • reiki can promote a calm, peaceful sense of wellbeing on all levels
  • reiki can be used alongside orthodox and allopathic healthcare, natural remedies, expanding treatment options
  • reiki can alleviate pain and increase range of motion - as in the picture of reiki treating this lady's knee
  • reiki can positively support and encourage your personal choices, confidence and and motivation
  • reiki can help you sleep better, lose excess weight, stop smoking
  • reiki can help you drink less alcohol, eat less sugar, etc.
  • reiki can make relationships easier
  • reiki can put a smile on your face!  
  • reiki can help you realise what's truly important to you and honour your values
  • reiki can allow the body to diminish a ganglion overnight
  • reiki can make you feel energetic
  • reiki can clear your mind or clarify your thinking
  • reiki can be used in any situation
  • reiki can safely be adapted and used safely on all ages 
  • reiki can increase love of self and all living things
  • reiki can be the energy you need
  • reiki can be the self-love you need

If you would like to combine your visit with NLP (PNL in French) neurolinguistic programming, Psych-K(r) or Life Coaching, Personal Fitness training, Wellbeing, Mindfulness training or meditations, let me know.  I'm happy to help your mind and body and nurture your soul. 

Details on http://www.themindbodyandsoulcoach.com/

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After spending time with Kathy and teaching me reiki course 1, I have kept practising self healing everyday and I'm learning more and more about the power of reiki. For 15 years I've had a very self destructive daily habit that as much as I tried over and over again, I kept on failing to stop the repetitive behaviour. During my 21 day self healing, I've found the strength to just stop! I can't tell you how much of a miracle it feels to me. It has and will continue to make a positive difference in all areas of my life. And I'm so so thankful to you Kathy - you are a warm, caring, shining light. 

Chrissie, 2017.