Reiki can help you heal yourself - mind, body and soul - and now with ReikiCannes you can combine the Riviera lifestyle with wellbeing at all levels.

Reiki is non-diagnostic, non-interventionist, non-manipulative and no pressure is applied.  It works through solid objects, eg. clothes, chairs, plaster casts.

I'll ask you to fill in a short form and we'll chat briefly about what you'd like from your Reiki treatment, over a refreshing tea or cool drink.  I use aromatherapy oils. When you're lying or sitting comfortably, I will place my hands on ono your shoulders and on or hover over your body and head.  You might feel heat, coolness, a flow of energy, tingling, you might cough/sneeze, fall asleep or be wide awake, see colours, visions or have realisations, experience a clear or quiet  mind, feel peaceful.  Like the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, each session is different.

Treatments usually last an hour, less for children.  I usually recommend 3 sessions a few or several days apart, then at regular intervals to maintain balance and to keep your energy high so you get used to your higher vibrational energy; some people have Reiki every month or fortnight, and certainly when life feels tough.  Discuss a treatment plan for yourself and review it as you wish.  

You don't have to be ill or down to choose reiki.  Healthy, successful people have reiki regularly, too!  You just have to be human.  

Reiki is received fully clothed in a calm environment - at our mas in Grasse St Jacques in the reiki conservatory, under the trees, by the pool... or I can visit you.  You simply sit, lie down or even stand.  

After your Reiki treatment, drink a glass of water and you might want to quietly rest for a while in the garden.

Reiki is safe for all - adults, children, mothers-to-be, babies - and animals. Reiki practitioners should not diagnose a problem; always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition and problems of urgent concern.  I am a member of UK Reiki Federation and CNHC Complementary Natural Healthcare Council in England and abide by their Codes of Ethics; and am fully insured.


At my private practice in Grasse St Jacques  -  see Paypal buttons below.

When you come for your appointment, Reiki for Babies is free (about 5 minutes); children under 6 years, 20 minutes, 10 euros.

(See Learn Reiki page for attunement courses.)

Please arrive as punctually as possible for your appointment.  If you wish to relax in the gardens before or after your appointment, please let us know beforehand.

At other locations: I can visit your home/office by arrangement, additional cost for travel (ask me)    Thinking about reiki at the workplace to boost productivity or promote calm? Just 10-15' reiki seated at a desk or even standing works wonders for executives, the workforce and support staff.  Ask me about corporate rates for your company - from 250 euros for a half day (3-4 hours).

If you would like to combine your visit

with NLP (French call it PNL) neurolinguistic programming, Psych-K(r) or Life Coaching, Personal Fitness training, Wellbeing, learn EFT (emotional freedom technique or Tapping), Mindfulness training or Meditations, let me know.  I'm happy to help enhance your mind and body and nurture your soul. 

Details of all services on

Kathy Yvanovich has been practicing Reiki since 2002 and recently added Holy Fire II to her Reiki practice; she has over 30 years experience in the fitness, dance and health industry.  Kathy loves to help people heal themselves, believe in and realise their dreams.  Using NLP, Psych-K and Life Coaching techniques and a long history in the fitness industry, Kathy's clients can get a unique mind, body and soul package.