ReikiCannes Wellbeing Retreats on the French Riviera

The Mind Body and Soul Coach Kathy and French restaurateur Robert believe that good health and good food go hand in hand...  When two professionals met, each with 30 years of experience in the holistic fitness and restaurant catering industries, it was a match that eventually made this heavenly dream come true.  At a Mind Body And Soul Wellbeing Retreat, my clients can relax, rejuvenate and explore the beautiful French Riviera.  The ReikiCannes experience is a mixture of French home comforts with a touch of luxury and a tailored programme of life-changing, often mind-boggling wellbeing sessions to suit you, "chez Robert and Kathy".   

ReikiCannes MindBodyAndSoul Wellbeing Retreats

Either   up to 4 nights Wellbeing Retreats,   Or   4 nights Reiki Attunement Courses.  (scroll down) 


2 nights, Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September 2018;  contact me for other dates to suit you.

NEXT  REIKI level I Courses, without accommodation, or you can stay for 1,2 or 3 nights:

see "Learn Reiki" page; Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September 2018

Relax and rejuvenate mind, body and soul at our beautiful ancient stone "mas" (farmhouse) built before 1736; swim in the saltwater pool (heated in cooler months); sip nutritious fruit juices (made by us) and enjoy the view from the Jacuzzi; play boules, table tennis, dine under the stars; take a speedboat or ferry and swim in a secluded bay or by the islands in Cannes; smell the flowers on a guided tour of perfume houses in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world; get grounded on a guided tour of the caves at St.Cezaire; explore the French Riviera - Cannes, Mougins, Antibes, Nice, St Juan les Pins are all close by for shopping, beaches and fantastic food... or simply read and relax at our Mas...  Just enjoy your time Chez Robert and Kathy!

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Wellbeing Retreats on the French Riviera: at Grasse St.Jacques, 4 nights bed & breakfast and personalised wellbeing treatments in the idyllic Cote d'Azur.

This is an example of a 4-night stay, but you can of course stay for even a couple of nights and enjoy a uniquely holistic holiday, relaxing and fun for you and your friends.   Ask about dates or give us yours!    Contact Kathy before booking.  Life Coaching, habit change techniques with NLP and Psych-K, Personal Fitness sessions, Life Coaching, Reiki energy treatments... the choice is yours.

DAY 1, for example 

Arrive at our Mas (farmhouse); free parking on site.  We can also pick you up from Grasse Train station or Grasse Bus station, free.   Nice airport pickup is 60 Euros (max 3 people), about 30 minutes.  

Relax, you're on holiday!  Or swim, play boules (petanques), table-tennis outdoors.   3-course Welcome Dinner at the Mas around 7pm with poolside Zumba if it's warm! 

DAY 2, 

Breakfast 8am-10am. 

9am:  30 minutes refresing Good Morning group exercise / pool zumba / stretch / mindful meditation. 

From 9am-1pm: your own private, confidential 1-to-1 chosen session (see Other Therapies page, or below) .

DAY 3,  

Breakfast 8am-10am. 

10.30am Relax or join in with 30 minutes Good Morning light exercise, stretch and mindful meditation.. 

Morning: your own confidential 1-to-1 chosen session / treatment (see Other Therapies page, or below). 

Mineral water, healthy juices and teas provided.

DAY 4, 

Breakfast 8am-10am. 

9am  Join in with pool Zumba or stretch and mindful meditation. 

Morning: your own confidential 1-to-1 chosen session / treatment (see Other Therapies page, or below). 

DAY 5, departure day

Breakfast 8am-10am. 

Free transport to Grasse train or bus station if required.  Air-conditioned bus from Grasse to Nice for less than 2 Euros!!  Enjoy a picturesque ride through many villages all the way to Nice airport. 1.5 hours or less.   Jeep ride to Nice airport (max. 3 people) 60 Euros, about 35-40 minutes.

A Bientot!

Afternoon Adventures

Speed-boat to Cannes islands or Riviera coastline.  Approx. 5 hours.  60 Euros per person.  Early evening return to port village La Napoule to explore (warm private showers at port) and find somewhere to eat dinner at the many local restaurants.  Jeep ride back to the Mas (max.3 people) at around 10.30pm.

Drive to the many hilltop villages, Riviera coastline, or see the Caves at St Cezaire.

Grasse Perfumeries.  Grasse is the perfume capital of the world.  A short bus ride to Grasse town centre, Fragonard, Galimard and Molinard offer free perfumery tours.  See Rubens paintings at the church; visit the Grasse Perfume Museum (entry fee) at this famous ancient hillside town.

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PRICES - 4 nights Wellbeing Retreat

4 nights, 2 people sharing big double room with own bathroom; bed & breakfast, 1-hour daily 1-to-1 treatments each of your choice, daily group exercise class/meditation:  £800.00  (that's £400 each).

4 nights, 1 person single occupancy double room with own shower; bed & breakfast, 1-hour daily 1-to-1 treatments each of your choice, group classes/meditation:  £495.00

4 nights, You + 1 friend.  2 bedrooms; bed & breakfast, 1-hour daily 1-to-1 treatments each of your choices, group classes/meditation.  £990.00  (that's £495 each).

4 nights, You + 2 friends.  3 bedrooms; bed & breakfast,  daily 1-to-1 treatments each of your choices, group classes/meditation.  £1230.00  (that's £410 each).

4 nights, You + 3 friends.  3 bedrooms; bed & breakfast,  daily 1-to-1 treatments each of your choices, group classes/meditation.  £1480.00  (that's £370 each).

To Learn Reiki Level 1, with or without accommodation for 1,2 or 3 nights - see Learn Reiki page
Please contact us for this or any other dates you want.

WELLBEING TREATMENTS with The Mind Body and Soul Coach

choose your own combination of 

  • Reiki energy / chakra balance treatments for your highest good - mind body soul and spirit
  • NLP neurolinguistic programming for any issues, big and small, stop bad habits, get over what's been bothering you for ages
  • Psych-K(r) to flip negative attitudes and beliefs about yourself into positive ones, and to empower goals
  • Life Coaching to explore, clarify and plan your goals realistically
  • Personal Fitness (read more below) exercise tailored to your ability and needs; dietary and wellbeing guidance to suit your taste and lifestyle
  • how to use Aromatherapy oils and their benefits
  • learn EFT (emotional freedom technique, or tapping) to lessen uncomfortable feelings, for you to use back at home
  • grounding techniques, balance your chakras, Mindfulness and personally worded Meditations.

Follow-up visits in London or by phone can be arranged.

Personal Fitness and dietary guidance

If you want to incorporate fitness into your visit, I specialise in the over-40s although my London clients range from 16 years to 70's.  Exercise is for everyone at any age.  Whether you're a gym bunny, yoga or Pilates regular, elite sportsperson or scared of gyms and a health industry that looks to primarily cater for 20-somethings - I offer you an opportunity to zone in on what you want and need.

That's why a session with Kathy Yvanovich could combat fears, give you the inner confidence and motivation you need and before you know it, you'll feel much better.  You might want tailored sessions for a special occasion, or are recovering from an injury, or learn safe exercises for a painful back whilst pregnant, or simply keep up with your exercise regime. It's all about what you need for your mind, body and soul wellbeing.

We have a good exercise bike, Swiss ball, as well as the saltwater pool and bodyweight exercises on the grass or decking.  If you believe in being fit in healthy and natural ways, you'll also benefit from dietary and healthy lifestyle advice and adaptations, grounding and stress management for a better future.  

My holistic teaching style includes flexibility, stretch, balance, exercise to music, Zumba, step, rebounder, yoga and Pilates exercises, kick-boxing, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), circuits, Swiss ball, chi ball, bands and weights and some sport-specific training, visualisation, stress-relieving mindfulness, meditation and grounding techniques.   

Emerge feeling fitter, flexible, strong, balanced, connected and whole.   

NEXT  Reiki level 1 and level 2 (Practitioner) Courses 

book with or without accommodation 

 Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September 2018.  Details and book on Learn Reiki page.  

Combine comfortable luxury with gentle learning and become attuned to Reiki without the rush of the usual short one-day course, with this Course spread over 2 or more idyllic days.  A ReikiCannes retreat will allow plenty of time for you to get used to the new higher energy vibrations of your Reiki initiations, so you'll enjoy a uniquely exciting holistic holiday for just yourself or with family and friends.   

DAY 1,  for example

Arrive at our Mas (farmhouse); parking on site.  Or we can pick you up from Grasse Train station or Grasse Bus station.  Nice airport pickup 60 Euros (3 people max). 

Relax, swim, play boules, table-tennis, zumba...   In the evening: group Reiki Meditation.  Welcome Dinner at the Mas, prepared by French restaurateur Robert Benyayer.

DAY 2,  Reiki Course begins

Breakfast.  30 minutes optional Good Morning stretch and mindful meditation.  Reiki Course day 1 includes the sacred Placement/initiation/attunement).   

DAY 3, 

Breakfast.  30 minutes optional Good Morning group stretch exercise and mindful meditation.  Reiki Course continues; receive your Reiki Certificate.  

Nutritious Lunch.

DAY 4, 

Breakfast.   30 minutes Good Morning group stretch and mindful meditation.    

Delicious Lunch.

DAY 5, departure day

Breakfast.   30 minutes Good Morning group stretch and mindful Reiki meditation.  

Free transport to Grasse train or bus station.  Enjoy a slower, picturesque journey from Grasse to Nice - air-conditioned Bus 500 takes you through many villages all the way to Nice airport (allow up to 1.5 hours). Under 2 Euros!!

Or we can drive you to Nice airport by Jeep 60 Euros, 3 people max., about 35 minutes.

Bon Voyage!  A Bientot!