Phone/Videophone INSTANT or booked Distance Reiki
15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour

Boost your energy! Call me via WhatsApp videophone and I will guide you through a calm, relaxing Reiki meditation wherever you are in the world.  Reiki always works for a person's highest good, whatever that may be.  You will continue to receive Reiki's wondrous benefits long after our call has ended.  
WhatsApp or text me, say when you'd like to receive Reiki - I might even be available when you call for INSTANT REIKI .
OR  Send me a WhatsApp text/email me saying when and where you'd like to receive the Reiki, your full name, full face photo /date of birth.  I'll send it to you there, at that time.
£15 for a 15 minute videocall, £25 for a 30 minute videocall, £40 for 1 hour videocall.   
Reiki continues to work after the treatment, so when the call ends you can continue to relax. Contact me soon!

Allow Usui Holy Fire Reiki's natural, divine, high life force energy do its magical work for you - it always works for your highest good.  Reiki can help you heal yourself - mind, body and soul - and now with ReikiCannes you can combine the Riviera lifestyle with wellbeing at all levels.

Balance your chakras, clear unwanted thoughts, improve posture, increase energy, boost immunity, inner peace and love for self and all living things.  It can banish unwanted malevolent sprits from your being and environment and heal the part of you that allowed them in (the spirits will be sent to a healing place where they are healed themselves, so they stop causing harm to others). Ask me for a Spirit Release session if you feel plagued by spirits disrupting your life.

Reiki is non-diagnostic, non-interventionist, non-religious, non-manipulative and no pressure is applied - you can even have reiki without touch; in-person treatments take place fully clothed at our beautiful mas in Grasse St Jacques or in London - or I may be able to visit you, or give you Distant Reiki wherever are.

Tell me what you'd like from your Reiki treatment, over a refreshing tea or cool drink.  I use aromatherapy oils and white sage smudge sticks: please tell me in advance if you are allergic or sensitive to anything.  



With in-person sessions: whilst you're lying down or sitting comfortably, I will place my hands on your shoulders, body or hover over your body and head.  

You might feel heat, coolness, a flow of energy, tingling, you might cough/sneeze, fall asleep or be wide awake, see colours, visions or have realisations, experience a clear or quiet  mind, feel peaceful.  Like the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, each session is different.

Treatments usually last an hour, less for children.  I usually recommend 3 sessions close together, then at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, seasons, New Year, birthdays...) to maintain balance and to keep your energies high - you'll get used to your higher vibrational energy and to feeling better than before; some of my customers book Reiki every month and whenever life gets tough or stressful.  Discuss your treatment plan with me.   

You don't have to be ill or down to choose reiki.  Healthy, successful people have reiki regularly, too!  You just have to be human; or indeed any living thing!   

After your Reiki treatment, drink a glass of water and you might want to quietly rest for a while on your own.

Reiki is safe for all and always works for a person's Highest Good - adults, children, mothers-to-be, babies and animals. Reiki practitioners should not diagnose a problem; always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition and problems of urgent concern.  

I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation, CNHC Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (England), and Reiki Membership Association (USA), and abide by their Codes of Conduct and Ethics; and am fully insured.


At my private practice in Route d'Auribeau, Grasse St Jacques, 06130 France  -  see Paypal buttons below for prices. 


When you come for your appointment... Reiki for Babies is free (about 5 minutes); children under 6 years, 20 minutes, 10 euros.

(See Learn Reiki page if you'd like to become attuned to Reiki.)

Please arrive as punctually as possible for your appointment; please be aware that I may not be able to answer the driveway gate if you arrive more than 10 minutes early as I may be occupied.  

Other locations:  Thinking about reiki at the workplace to boost productivity or promote calm? Just 10-15' reiki seated at a desk or even standing works wonders for executives, the workforce and support staff.  Corporate rates; 150 euros for a half day, travel costs extra.

If you would like to combine your visit with...

NLP (French call it PNL) neurolinguistic programming, Psych-K(r) or Life Coaching, Personal Fitness training, Wellbeing, learn EFT (emotional freedom technique or Tapping), Mindfulness/Meditations, book an additional 90 minutes - tell me what you need and want in mind, body and soul.

Details of all services on   or   Other Therapies page on this website. 

Kathy Yvanovich has been practicing Reiki since 2002 and recently added the latest upgrade (January 2019) of Holy Fire III to her Reiki Master Teacher practice (traditional Usui with contemporary Holy Fire); she has over 30 years experience in the fitness, dance and health industry.  Kathy loves to help people heal themselves, believe in and realise their dreams.  Using NLP, Psych-K and Life Coaching techniques and a long history in the fitness industry, Kathy's clients can get a unique mind, body and soul package.